TRENDS: Packaging

A few times a year, I give talks to graphic design students, primarily about printing their portfolios, but I get a lot of questions about where the jobs are in the printing and design industries. Like the adult in “The Graduate” who blathers on about “PLASTICS” to Dustin Hoffman’s character, I tell students these days that packaging is the new “plastics.” With digital printing technologies slowing making headway in the packaging world,¬†opportunities are opening up for more creative, shorter run packaging concepts that can offer new promotional opportunities, new flavors, a quality look for artisanal products that occupy niche markets, and a jumping off point for start ups.

Official Design Team for Tanka Bars

Smart Set is proud to be the official graphic design and print coordinators for Native American Natural Foods, makers of Tanka Bars, Sticks and Bites, American Indian made, all-natural Buffalo meat snacks. We are involved in all aspects of package design from specifying carton design to press checks at flexo film printers to color standards to marketing materials.

(You can find Tanka products at 6,000 stores nationwide, in the Twin Cities, check your local food co-ops, Natural food stores, or Whole Foods.)

Creative Packaging Solutions

We work with a number of established and emerging companies that come to us for package design, short run label production, die cutting and prototypes.¬†Whether you’re launching grandma’s secret chutney recipe or you’re an established brand with 30 SKU’s, the Smart Set’s 30 years of experience can help you get established, scale up production, or keep packaging inventory lean by offering creative solutions to your packaging needs.