Smart Set in the news!

Digital Design and Print Unparalleled!

We were excited to get a note from a client that Smart Set made the news in an article on MinnPost about the 45th parallel crossing directly through the Twin Cities, and in fact, crossing right through the middle of our studio!

The article, 45th parallel: Markers make note of this Minneapolis distinction, by Andy Sturdevant, can be found here.

Being exactly halfway between the North Pole and equator gives us balance. We all know that us Northerners are more ambitious, hard working, and industrious than folks in Alabama and Mississippi. The latitude gives us our unique weather, provides four beautiful seasons and gloriously long summer days (and brutally short winter days).

Fairy Dust and Leprechauns

We’re proud to be on such an important “ley line” of the earth. While we hope it’s our education, training and experience that inspire us to creative endeavors on behalf of our clients, we’ll take everything we can get!

Send us your stories of world travel, mysterious encounters with geomagnetic forces or even fairy sightings, we’d love to hear them!

In the meantime, we’ll continue building our reputation as creative, digital craft printers. Just like we’re halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, we’re halfway between a quick printer doing great printing at reasonable prices and a design studio designing great creative content for clients. We combine the two in our digital design and print studio and balance the technical and aesthetic in old and new ways.

While we haven’t gotten around to painting the 45th Parallel through our studio, you can take a tour of the inside here. (Click on the photo under our listing on the left side.)