Letterpress Printers: We now make photopolymer plates!

We’ve been making film negatives from computer files for longer than just about anyone else still in business. We were the first shop in Minneapolis to utilize a Postscript RIP connected to a Linotronic imagesetter way back in 1986. Some of our most dedicated clients are our letterpress customers, and we’re now pleased to announce the addition of photopolymer plate making to our range of services.

We can make plates up to 8.5×11 in size, and we offer two different heights of plate material, the KF95 for standard bases, and the KF152 for platen presses and deep relief bases. Plates come with adhesive back and a hard proof on our proofing press. Pricing is $15 for a 4″X5″ plate, $28 for an 8.5″X5.5″ plate, or $55 for an 8.5″X11″ plate. Turnaround is 1-2 days. (We do have a shop minimum of $25 per order.)

UPDATE 8.20.12

We now have an A2 16″x24″ platemaker, so we can do plates up to 12″x24″! (Film output is 12″ wide by any length.) Pricing has changed to make it easier to figure your final price.

KF95 Standard plates . . . . . . .  .62 cents / sq. inch
KF152 Deep Relief plates . . . . . .67 cents / sq. inch

As we build our volume and offerings, we’ll be putting out more information, but for you early adopters, we’re set and ready to go. If you have any questions, contact Smart Set Production Manager and Master Printmaker Brian Aldrich at 612.339.7725.

Remember, we don’t do any letterpress printing ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about your client files at Smart Set, though with our 25 years experience as pre-press experts, we can help you identify problems before they cost you time and expense.