“It’s Not Easy Being Green”, or When Mr. Greenjeans did laundry, was it “greenwashing?”

Watching a bit of TV over the weekend, I was jolted into alertness (disbelief?) to see Mazda promote a new SUV in a commercial cross promotion with the new Dr. Seuss movie “The Lorax”.  Really? Somehow, I just don’t think Dr. Seuss would have signed off on this while he was alive.

Many companies have jumped on the “greenwashing” band wagon. While Smart Set’s core values have always included long term efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, it’s only been in the last few years that 100% post consumer recycled papers that would print with acceptable quality on digital equipment have made their way to the marketplace. We’ve done extensive testing and now offer, as house stocks, a number of 100% post-consumer recycled waste papers.

Mohawk Color Copy PC100: From their website: Featuring Mohawk’s unique Digital Imaging Surface™, a new technology engineered by Mohawk to improve toner transfer and enhance color copy image quality. 100% recycled. Manufactured with windpower. We offer this stock in a 28 lb. bond/70 lb. offset and an 80 lb. cover.

Neenah Environment PC100: Made from 100% post consumer recycled waste fibers, free of chlorine chemistry, manufactured using non-polluting renewable energy. We currently stock 100 lb. cover weights in both white and natural, and an 80 lb. white text, though other options are also available.

Digital printing in general is the most environmentally friendly method of printing you can use. The toner itself is non-toxic, inert, and safe for the environment, and only a small amount of waste is generated. The replaceable consumables are returned to Xerox for refilling and reuse. We recycle all of our paper waste from cutting, and we utilize our paper boxes as packaging for shipping. We’re not going to plaster psuedo “green” icons all over the place, not because we don’t care, but because we believe that actions speak louder than words. We print more jobs on 100% pcw recycled content paper than any other shop in the Twin Cities, and we’ll continue to do so. We believe so strongly that we absorb the add’l cost of 100% pcw recycled content so you don’t have to make the decision between price and helping the environment. It’s the least we can do …