Books, books and more books!

We usually scramble for projects in January and February, but this year we’re off to a great start with a number of book projects:

  • 3 different directories of minority-owned businesses and suppliers for Diversity Information Resources. Printing on Saproset tree-free paper made from Eucalyptus fiber, with laminated covers
  • “This With My Last Breath,” a book of Meridel LeSeur’s last writings, found in her bed when she passed away, and published by her extended family. This will be a small format horizontal layout with 56 pages, printed on Neenah Environment 100% PCW recycled paper for the guts and French Paper Speckletone Cream Cordtone covers, with multiple signatures sewn into a soft cover. Not just a beautiful book, this is an important literary contribution to the canon of one of Minnesota’s great writers.
  • Reprinting “Ukranian Style,” a coffee-table book about Ukranian art and culture and its application in the realm of interior design. This is a hard cover, case wrapped book that is in its second printing. Written by Linda Wicklund and Alecia Stevens.
  • “Missing Mama,” an autobiographical story of sorrow, loss and healing by Amoke Kubat. We’re working on this project from manuscript to final printed product, including cover design and marketing materials.