Bindery Services

Or, Now That My Work is Printed, What Next?

While the heart (and soul, or is that going too far?) of our capabilities is our Xerox 770 Digital Press (the first one installed in the state), it’s what we do after the job is printed that raises the bar from simply “making copies” to creating truly great craft printing. The ability to produce printed materials at a level of quality that rivals, we might say even exceeds, that of offset printing but in short enough runs to make any amount cost effective is pretty cool, but it’s the ability to take paper and drill, score, cut, glue, fold, bundle, etc. is what it takes to devise truly creative solutions that make your work shine. We’ve created a quick gallery look at some of our in-house bindery options, but this is by no means an exclusive look. (Besides, we really needed to try out this gallery feature!)